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West Star Radio

West Star Radio is an independant radio station which is known globally for promoting signed and unsigned bands since 2013 , based in the UK and broadcsted by presenters from around the world

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Club Sparta Fm

Club Sparta Fm is also an independant radio station based in the USA who also supports West Star Radio at event such as Romstock Club Sparta FM has been going since 2004 and is owned by DJ Spartan from Nashvile USA

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West Star Music Promotions

West Star Music Promotions is where the Indi Artists can receive further promotion by building websites and profiles for their band and more. In 2018 we are hoping to launch a new printing service to our customers

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West Star Promoted bands

Here is a list for signed and unsigned bands who have used West Star Radio Songs also supplied by Swishcraftmusic and Jukebox Records.

since 2013 West Star Radio has earned it's respect from the bands we promote through airplay,social media and a presence at a local music Festival Romstock. We have top shows such as The Struthmate show, Electronic Fusion , West Star Club and The Darren Hain Show for which they promote there own seperate genure. We also have a variety of presenters who kindly offer there shows to be played on air

West Star Owners

Brain Voyager- From Holland who also presents the Electronic Fusion show and runs a supporing blog site call Brainvoyagermusic.com

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DJ Struthmate - From Australia who also presents The Struthmate show has been a member of West Star Radio since 2013

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Stuart Russell - CEO of West Star Radio from the UK who also presents the West Star Club and simulcasts with Club Sparta FM

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DJ Spartan - CEO of Club Sparta FM from the USA

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