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Since 2013 West Star Radio has been promoting signed and unsigned bands from around the world giving free publicity via social media and the network. We also pride ourselves in giving people the oppertunity of broadcasting on a live internet radio station

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Indie Band Promotion

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WS Festival Streaming

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Club Sparta FM

Club Sparta Fm is part of the West Star Network and supports West Star Radio

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West Star Music Promotions

WSMP is a web hosting and entertainment company which is dedicated to bands, artists and the entertainment business.

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Our Team

We work as a very close unit with presenters from Holland, USA, Australia, UK and South Africa this also gives us an edge where we can promote the bands from anywhere around the world


Stuart Russell - CEO

Owner and creator of West Star Music Promotions from the UK who also brings you West Star Club


DJ BrainVoyager - Director

Director of West Star Radio from Holland been with company since 2013 and produces the Electronic Fusion show


DJ Struthmate - Director

Also Director of West Star Radio from Australia who also produces the Struthmate Show


DJ Spartan - Director

Director of West Star Radio and Ceo of Club Sparta FM from the USA who also produces his own show


Darren J - Director

Australian Lead presenter and produces the Darren Hain Show


Scott Skoota Reilly - Presenter

Presenter of West Star Radio and Club Sparta FM from Australia


Swishcraft Music - Music Sponsor

Record Label from the Usa who also supplies West Star and Club sparta with music


Steve Steil O'Neil - Presenter

Presenter of West Star Radio and Club Sparta FM from Australia

Our Schedule

Here is our live and pre- record schedule please note times are in GMT so please be wary of the timezone

Current Time Is

View Schedule From These Countries

  • UK
  • Austraila/Melbourne
  • Holland
  • USA Central
  • Need Website and Web Hosting?

    West Star Music Promotions offers web hosting and design for bands, entertainers and small businesses CLICK HERE to start.

    West Star On - Demand

    Missed a show? No problem catch all the latest shows using our on demand service all for free. Liked the show? then wh not give the presenters feedback via their social media pages or mixcloud

    DJ BrainVoyager - Electronic Fusion
    DJ Stuy - West Star Club
    DJ Skoota
    The Struthmate Show
    DJ Sparta - No Blinx
    DJ Darren Hain - The Darren Hain Show
    DJ Krosswell - Krosswell Show

    Contact Us

    West Star Radio and Club Sparta FM is part of the company West Star Music Promotions.

    West Star Radio is a free and independant radio station which allows others to learn the basics of being on the radio.We also pride ourselves in supporting the signed and unsigned bands from around the world enabling us to play their content on air so the general public can listen and to give exposure to the signed and unsigned artist.
    Club Sparta Fm is also a free independant radio station which is broadcasted from Nashvile USA who also acts a support to West Star Radio upon streaming live events such as Romstock and more



    West Star Music Promotions.64 Waverley CrescentRomsley, UK. B62 0NY

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    Telephone: +44 01562 710721E-mail: Info@wsmpromotions.com

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