About West Star Radio


West Star Radio Promoters of signed and unsigned artists

For many years now West Star Radio has been promoting the signed and unsigned bands from around the world with the aid of airplay, interviews and profile building . We have a crew of 8 regular presenters who each promote their shows in a unique style. They also represent their country giving West Star radio that global reach. Club Sparta FM is also known as part of the West Star Network

Started in 2004 which was just a single chat room with a mic enabled in 2013 was the Birth of West Star Radio when we became known to the bands for promotion with the aid of social media and crew we have grown to be a well recognized unit and a very useful tool for independent artists and producers. Our crew are as follows, Stuart Russell - UK, DJ BrainVoyager - Holland, DJ Struthmate - Australia, DJ Spartan - USA, DJ Pete - UK, DJ Darren J - Australia

West Star Network

West Star Radio

West Star Radio Promoters of signed and unsigned artists

Club Sparta FM

Online promotion independent artists and syndicate shows

West Star Music Promotions

Further promotion for signed and unsigned artists with Web design and profile building

West Star Radio Crew

DJ Stuy - UK

Presents West Star Club

DJ BrainVoyager - Holland

Presents- Electronic Fusion

DJ Struthmate - Australia

Presents The Struthmate Show

DJ Spartan - USA

Presents The Mix collection.

DJ Darren j - Australia

Presents the Darren Hain Show.

Matt Consola - USA

Supplier of music from Swishcraftmusic.com.

DJ Pete - UK

Presents the Country and Request Show

Scott Skoota Reilly - Australia

Presents the Skoota Show

Syndicate Show Team

DJ Krosswell - Morroco

Presents Krosswell Show

Xtrovet-DJ - South Africa

Presents- Deep House

Simnique SA - Nigeria

Presents The Groove Sessions

Rob Randell - UK

Presents Rob's Time Machine.

J- Fresh - UK

Presents Urban Fire.

Sigvalgassen - Finland

Supplier of music from Swishcraftmusic.com.

Anders Lundgren - Holland

Presents Totally Anders

Jay Adkins - UK

Presents House Party

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